About Simba Service

New start for us, but also for you!

Simba Service was called to life from a growing frustration that freelance and in-house designers brought with them.

  • High rates and labour cost.
  • Long delivery times.
  • Substandard quality.
  • Playing messenger to pass on feedback from your client to the designer you are working with.

For our founder, Ruben Baestaens, the frustrations became too much. So he founded Simba. The first graphic design agency in Belgium that offers unlimited quality design work at a fixed rate.

Our goal

With Simba Service, we want to step away from the ordinary. Besides delivering quality designs, we also want to build a lasting relationship with our customers.

Designs of a high caliber

Designs fully in line with your corporate identity customized to your needs and requirements.

A maximum of 48 – 72 hours

A snail covers a distance of 240 meters in 48 hours while a lion covers a distance of no less than 3840 kilometers in the same time! This is the difference in delivery time that we guarantee versus a freelance or in-house designer.

Personal designer

You will be assigned to your personal designer who will get to know your business. Feel free to have a chat with them, they don’t bite. Every now and then they can roar like a lion 😉

Some extra cash for you

Our formulas ensure that you get an extra penny every month. We provide you with quality designs with a price that is a lot lower than the competition.

Meet your team of designers!

These bright minds provide you with graphic designs. Each and every one of them has enjoyed an education as a designer. On top of that, our designers get the chance to train themselves throughout the year. This way we guarantee the highest quality for you!

Ruben Baestaens


Alexander De Leeuw

Project Manager

Stijn Vercauteren

Lead Designer

Kimberly Vervloet


Lisa Cardon


Jasmijn Van Staey


Sarah Landu


Davy Le Bruyn

Lead Web Designer

Mathijs De Ridder

Web Designer

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