A unique design service in Europe

If you ever asked yourself the following question, then you are in the right place.

“Where can I find a designer, who has exactly everything I’m looking for in a designer?”

For a fixed price per month, we create all the designs you need. You will be matched with a personal designer, who will turn all your ideas into reality.

Our design service is not only fast and of high quality, but also cost-effective.

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How Simba helps you grow your business

Personal designer

We match you with one of our designers. He / she becomes your personal designer during the whole adventure. In this way, our designer learns your needs.

Unlimited design and redesign!

Nothing is too much to ask! Ask as many designs as you want for one fixed price each month.

Extremely fast delivery times

We guarantee a delivery time of 48 – 72 hours, depending on your package of choice.

Open communication

Communicate all of your ideas with your personal designer through our platform.

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