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About Simba Service

A new start for us, but also for you!

Simba Service was born out of a growing frustration with freelance and in-house designers.

These frustrations caused the bucket to overflow for founder Ruben Baestaens. This is how he came up with Simba Service. The first graphic design agency in Belgium that offers unlimited quality design work at a fixed rate.

Why choose Simba?

High-quality designs

Stylish designs in line with your brand tailored to your needs and requirements.

Personal designer

You will have a multidisciplinary team at your disposal that will get to know your company from head to toe.

Maximaal 48 – 72 uur

We guarantee a very fast delivery time, faster than a freelance or in-house designer.

Meet the Simba team!

These bright minds provide you with graphic designs. All of them have enjoyed training as designers. On top of that, our designers are given the opportunity for further training throughout the year. In this way, we guarantee the best quality for you!

Indy Vanbeveren


Stijn Vercauteren

Brand Specialist

Dorien Wuyts

Creative Designer

Lisa Cardon

Creative Designer

Agneta Diels


Morgane Kouremetis


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