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Simba for Agencies!

Are you a marketing/design/communications agency? At Simba Service, we provide broad expertise through various designers. This combined with a fixed amount of designs per month, no matter what you request.

We ensure that each project is completed within a fixed delivery deadline. Even if you have multiple projects going on, we always make sure to focus on two projects at a time. You can find all your projects on one platform.

  • Up to 2 deliveries per day
  • + 1 guaranteed revision per day
  • 1 meeting per week available
  • at least commitment for 3 months
  • White label communication to the customer

Hou je Agentschap up-to-date

Whether it’s a logo, a brochure or a social media post, we provide quality designs of the highest quality. And if something does need adjusting, there are our unlimited revision rounds that put you in direct contact with our designers.