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Simba is looking for you…

If you have been bitten by the wonderful world of graphic design and would like to hear from us uniquely concept distributed as a sales profile. With your knowledge and SaaS experience, you will help to optimise Simba and to scale.

What kind of pixels do you consist of?

  • You have experience with SaaS platforms and knowledge of graphic design.
  • Dealing with people and customers is something that gives you energy. You put that energy into
    expanding our customer portfolio.
  • You know how to prospect and where the pain points of potential customers lie. Based
    on those pain points, you know how to convey Simba as the solution.
  • Taking matters into your own hands is something that characterises you. You don’t wait, but take the bull by
    the horns.
  • the horns.
  • At least 5 years of experience in a business developer role with a SaaS product.
  • You will help us to develop the marketing and sales strategy of Simba Service, starting from
    A SaaS perspective.
  • You will help tinker with the product roadmap in order to make Simba Service a
    to make a better product.
  • Driven to scale up a Scale-up.
  • You are open to close cooperation and international thinking.

This is how we focus your pixels

  • We teach you to use your creativity in a targeted way for the benefit of our customers.
  • You will be given all the space, time and resources you need to hone your skills and do your job.
    optimise. So you and Simba Service can grow!
  • We offer you the chance to make a difference in a fast-growing scale-up with a
    unique concept in the design landscape.
  • The space to work on your personal career and happiness.

Ready to step into this adventure with us?

Send an email to and let’s get acquainted!