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Simba supports asbestos removal

From 2032, the Belgian government wants to remove asbestos from our living environment. The first step towards this goal starts in 2022. From this year, building owners will be required to have an asbestos inventory certificate when they want to sell their property.

Asbest Platform in a nutshell

Asbest Platform centralises everything you need to know about asbestos and its removal in one place. It serves as an information point, but it is also possible to apply for an attestation through the platform. Are you presented with a negative attestation? Then the platform puts you in touch with the right professionals to colour those red marks on your attestation green.

Simba helps set the stage

Asbest Platform came knocking on Simba’s door asking if we could design the platform according to the UI rules of art.

Coincidentally, we have a couple of rock-solid in-house UI designers sitting in our office. But before we got to work on the platform’s interface, we needed to lay the foundations of the brand itself.

Asbest Platform did not possess a brand guide or brand personality. Together with our brand specialist, we visually captured Asbest Platform’s story in a couple of workshops. The result is finger-licking good.

Applying the brand guide to the platform

After laying the foundation, it was time to design the interface. Keeping the three goals of the platform in mind, our UI designers created a nice flow throughout the platform.

Digital display

To generate visitors on the platform, we also took on the design of the website. This, of course, fully in line with the guidelines from the brand guide and tailored to the platform.

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